Use this unique Market Strength Indicator so the market goes in your direction after you enter a trade. 

Trading Momentum
Trading Momentum
Trading Momentum
  • If you buy a strong trend, the market will continue in the direction of your trade. 
  • If you buy weak trend, you'll be stopped out.

 ... but how do you know if the trend is "strong" or "weak?"

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Trade with CLARITY & CONFIDENCE that You're on the Right Side of the Market

  • Avoid getting in too late.
  • Avoid getting stopped out.
  • Trade with a consistent, step-by-step ruled based objective trading system.
  • Works with stocks, Forex, futures and E-minis.
  • Great for day trading or swing trading.

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My trading is now more focused and precise and I have clear and well defined rules ... For the first time I really feel that I am trading with purpose and direction and ahve a better understanding of price action." - Steve P.

About the Author

My name is Barry Burns. My trading education began under the study of my dear father when I was 8 years old.  

50 years later, I'm still trading stocks, Forex, futures, E-minis, commodities and options.  

I started Top Dog Trading to help people like you shorten their learning curve in becoming successful traders.

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