19 Different Tried & True Ways You Can Make Extra "Side-Money" to Build up Your Trading Account (or use for anything else you want)! 

Why this is Different than Other "Make Money" Books:

  • These opportunities have been "vetted" to come from LEGITIMATE sources.

  • My own family members (including children and myself) have used some of these methods successfully. 

  • There's no hype here. These are not "get rich quick" schemes. You will have to put in some effort, as you would with any legitimate way to make money.  

  • You can do these with any free time you have - whether a little or a lot - giving you total flexibility regarding your schedule, time of day and how or little time you want to put into them.  

  • These 19 methods vary greatly from each other so you can choose the perfect one for you (your age, your health, your location, your time availability and what you ENJOY doing). 

About the author

Dr. Barry Burns

Founder, Top Dog Trading

I'm the author of "Trend Trading For Dummies" (Wiley) and have contributed to several other books.

I've also received Readers Choice Awards from "Technical Analysis of Stocks and Commodities Magazine," provided education for many large trading firms and spoken to large groups of traders all around the country.

I founded Top Dog Trading to shorten students' learning curves in becoming profitable traders.

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Some reviews of the Book:

  • "I just started reading your new book “How To Make Extra Money For Your Trading Account”, am only down to method #7, and all I can say is WOW!!! After being on the Internet since it’s inception I’ve become skeptical of products I see advertised, especially information products like this. 

    I was afraid that it might be a re-hash of some of the YouTube “How to make money” videos I’ve wasted so much of my time on. Honestly, the first 7 methods I’ve seen so far should NOT be considered “work”! They’re too easy! Incredible!!!!! The first 7 methods alone are well worth the price of the book. Thank You for doing such a great job!"

    - Kent

  • "I purchased your e-book on supplemental sources of income recently to provide trading capital, and wanted to let you know that I'm happy with it! ...

    ... if all together from let's say 3 or 4 different sources referenced in the book, I can add let's say $500 a month in income per month working part time, during non-trading hours, that would actually be really meaningful and helpful to me, so this book looks like it was a very good thing for me...

    - G.C from Austin Texas

  • I loved the book. I've found at least 7 different things ... Great ideas! As usual great value.

    - Monique

Fequently Asked Questions:

Are they all online methods?
         Some are online and others are not. 
Are any or all of these ways to make money trading? 
         Nothere is no information about trading in this book.
Do they require me to pay money upfront? 
         Most do not.
Are they available for people outside the USA? 
         While some are only for US citizens, most are available for people anywhere in the world.
Can I do these from home? 
Are these about MLM? 
         No, none of them are MLM.
Are there any guarantees? How do I know I'll find something I want to do? 
         There are no guarantees when it comes to making money unless you become an
          employee. Like most things in life, you get out of it what you put into it. There are a 
          WIDE VARIETY of money-making opportunities here so I can't imagine you wouldn't 
          find more than one that would fit you perfectly!
Is this a step-by-step blueprint to making money? 
         No, this is a "Resource" book that gives you 19 different ways to make a side-income.
         Once you choose the one (or more) that is perfect for you, the organizations behind
         these opportunities will provide you with all the "how to" details. 
Why wouldn't I just find these on my own? 
         You're certainly welcome to! However this resource book is meant to save you the time
         and also the frustration of trial-and-error (and the possibility of getting scammed) by
         vetting the opportunities for you, saving you time, giving the details, advantages & 
         disadvantages of each, honest reviews, and even some EXTRA TIPS that are not known 
         by most people. 
Do you provide follow-up support to help me with these opportunities? 
         My focus is on trading and I only have time to provide support to my trading students. 
What is the time commitment? Do any of these offer a "passive" income?
         The time commitment is completely up to you, but these are not for passive income.
Is this in any way borrowing money or getting a loan? 
         No, these are side-businesses you can do online or offline.
Can I do these if I'm young/old/handicapped/homebound? 
         Some of them yes to all the above, but you must be of legal age to work in your country.
Are these "jobs" where I'd be working for a company? 
         No, you'd be working for yourself, though with some it could be in association with a
         company, but not as an employee.
How long is the book? 
         106 pages. 
Is it possible to turn them from a part-time income into a full-time income? 
         Absolutely, many of them can be turned into a medium-sized or even large full-time
         income and I personally know people who have!

About the Author

My name is Barry Burns. My trading education began under the study of my dear father when I was 8 years old.

48 years later, I'm still trading stocks, Forex, futures, E-minis, commodities and options.

I started Top Dog Trading to help people like you shorten their learning curve in becoming successful traders.

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